We at ModernPlanDesign would like to thank you for the possibility to be part of your dream house project. Pre-drawn house plans are more efficient, expedite the design process, and are less expensive, helping you stay within your budget. All houses are designed by our award-winning architects in order to meet the highest standards in architecture, quality, and precision. Each Plan Package is assembled to best suit your personal objectives.

ModernPlanDesign House Plan Packages

All drawing packages are available with the same options. When you have chosen your house plan, proceed to the purchase menu and order a construction drawing package that best fits your needs. You can find our floor plans by clicking the Floor Plans menu on the left. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service sales@modernplandesign.com with any questions.


This is the best option if you are not planning to make any plan modifications. The PDF set is non-modifiable. With this set, you can submit the building permit electronically. This also allows you to quickly and easily provide the plans electronically to the builder, sub-contractors, and truss manufacturer. This set includes a copyright release for building one house, allowing your local print shop to produce Architectural D (24 inches by 36 inches) paper drawings for easy construction site reference.


The CAD (computer-aided design) set is a copy of the computer file for the original house plans made with AutoCad software. This set includes the complete set of drawings in a digital format that may only be viewed using CAD software, however, the plans can be easily modified. This is the best option if you are planning to make modifications with a local architect or builder. ModernPlanDesign, LLC is not responsible for changes made to plans by any other party.

Single Set

One set of drawings is not enough for building a house but will allow a detailed study of the design. With this package, you can review the project, estimate scheduling, and assess your construction budget. The Review Set is printed to scale but does not include dimensions and the plans will be marked ”Not for Construction”. After you have studied the Review Set you can proceed to purchase full sets of drawings with a copyright release. The full price of this Review Set will be refunded to your account upon the purchase of a full set of drawings if made within 120 days from the purchase of the original Review Set. For your refund please contact our customer service and provide us with your purchase number for your 100% refund.

5 Copy Set

This is a full set of printed drawings delivered to your address. It comes with a copyright release for building one house. Smaller amounts of copies do not include the copyright release to construct the house. One set is for submitting the Building Permit, one is for you, and three sets are for the builder and sub-contractors. If you need additional sets, please select the additional amount of copies from the purchase menu when making the order.

Additional Set of Drawings

If you need additional sets of your house plans you can order them within 185 days after your original purchase.


What is a PDF set?

This set includes the complete construction drawing package of the desired house in a digital PDF (portable document format) file. The PDF can be viewed, printed, and emailed freely. It allows you to print as many copies as needed for the construction of your house. The PDF will appear exactly as the actual printed document but cannot be modified. The PDF set will be emailed to you.

What is a CAD set?

The CAD (computer-aided design) set is a copy of the computer file for the original house plans made with AutoCad software. This set includes the complete set of drawings in a digital format that may only be viewed using CAD software, however, the plans can be easily modified. This is the best option if you are planning to make modifications with a local architect or builder. ModernPlanDesign, LLC is not responsible for changes made to plans by any other party.

What is the mirror-reverse option?

The mirror-reverse option flips your floor plan 180 degrees horizontally. In this option the text is also mirrored and in some cases it may be more difficult to read. The modification fee in this option is less than the fee in right-reading-reverse option. One of the print sets will remain unchanged without mirror reverse.

What is the right-reading-reverse option?

The right-reading-reverse option works the same way as a mirror-reverse option except, in addition to the plans being reversed, all text is modified to read correctly. This option can be done for all home plans but there is an additional fee included. The fee in this option will be a one-time fee meaning all copies you have ordered will be delivered in right-reading reverse. In some cases, this option may take a couple additional days to complete. Please check the actual delivery time before proceeding to check out.  

If I find the same design for less will you match the price?

You will not find our plans on the other sites. Our plans are sold solely at ModernPlanDesign.com and they are designed by our multi-award winning architects. The prices at ModernPlanDesign.com are always competitive.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal payments. You can feel safe ordering your plans or other material on our secure site. We have made every effort to ensure your information is private and not used for any other reason than your plan purchase.

Why can’t I order one set to build my house?

Building a house requires the purchase of a construction drawing set protected by a copyright license from the designer - ModernPlanDesign, LLC. Duplicating copyrighted documents is defined in international copyright laws. The cost of the copyright license is not included in single-set orders. One set of drawings may not be enough for the entire house construction process.

How many blueprints do I need?

One set of drawings is usually not enough for building a house but will allow a detailed study of the house design. Typically you will need 1-2 copies to be submitted for the building permit, one set for your own archives, and three sets for the builder and sub-contractors. Your mortgage lender may also need one set.

Can I make extra copies if I need them?

Copyright laws do not allow you to make copies without the written copyright release from the designer - ModernPlanDesign, LLC. However, our print set packages are designed to give you the best value. If you need extra copies you have 185 days from your original purchase to make an order.

How long will it take until my order arrives?

Each order will be processed within 5-8 business days. The actual shipping time depends on your location. In general, within the U.S., ground shipping is 3-5 business days from the date of shipment, unless a different delivery time is specified in the product-specific terms. Please remember to check the delivery time of the specific product before ordering, because in some cases we might need a longer time to finalize the plans. The product-specific delivery time is always indicated in the product page. Express orders may expect 1-2 business days to arrive from date of shipment.

What is ModernPlanDesign.com's return policy?

All plans sold by ModernPlanDesign.com are provided “as is”. There are no refunds or exchanges and all sales are final. ModernPlanDesign.com disclaims all other warranties, express or implied, including merchantability or fitness of purpose.

Do you ship outside the U.S.?

Yes, at the moment we ship printed sets to U.S. and Canadian postal addresses. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service via email sales@modernplandesign.com. However, your best option would be to order a CAD or PDF file and we will email it to you.


Exchanges and Returns

All sales are final. Ensure you are absolutely certain you have selected the correct design for your needs.

Architectural and Engineering Stamps

Some cities and states require drawing sets to be reviewed, stamped, and signed by a licensed architect or engineer to ensure local code compliance, energy conservation requirements, etc. have been met. Contact your local building authority to determine if this criteria is applicable to your building project.

Local Building Regulation and Code Compliance

ModernPlanDesign authorizes the use of our drawings and designs by the purchaser under the condition that they agree to full compliance with all applicable regulations, building codes, practices, zoning requirements, and ordinances during all phases of construction from building permit application to final inspection and issuance of certificate of occupation. All states, counties, and municipalities may have specific, different, or conflicting requirements addressing concerns such as, but not limited to, temperature, wind speed, snowfall, seismic activity, destructive insects. It is the purchaser's duty to ensure they have provided full compliance with all applicable aforementioned regulations, etc.


ModernPlanDesign retains all title and ownership of the original design and documents purchased. ModernPlanDesign, the Licensor, grants the purchaser, Licensee, the right to use the documents purchased to construct one single-family building, or as dictated by certain designs, one multi-family building. All content on this website is protected under the Federal Copyright Act, Title XVII of the U.S. Code and Chapter 37 of the Code of Federal Regulations. Plans licensed to the purchaser cannot be used or resold to any other party. Plans licensed to the purchaser cannot be reproduced by any means without specific authorization from ModernPlanDesign.


Our House Plan Construction Sets are sold solely at ModernPlanDesign.com and all floor plans are designed by our in-house multi-award winning professional architects and residential building designers. All house plans embody our highest standards and comply with all requirements dictated by the International Residential Code. However, due to possible regional codes and regulations, it is essential to discuss your project with local building authorities during early stages to best integrate any regional construction practices into your dream house. The content of every construction package is assembled and standardized to our highest design standards but there may be some variation in content depending on style, type, and size of each house. Every construction drawing set includes the following elements:

1. Cover Sheet Artist's Visualization illustrating the curb appeal and front facade of the house. Most visualizations include landscaping to portray the full vision of the house.

2. General Notes provide important information about the drawings, building process, contractor’s responsibilities, materials, and working methods. Important structural specifications are also added on relevant sheets.

3. Detailed Floor Plans with Ceiling Plans show the layout of each floor of the house. The plans are carefully dimensioned showing the exterior and interior walls, doors, and windows with sizes, important details, openings and sill heights, floor surface materials, and appliances. The interior ceiling heights and details are shown in separate drawings. Building details and sections are noted and provided elsewhere. A floor plan wall type legend is included with the floor plan general notes.

4. Exterior Elevations show all four exterior facades in detail. Extra attention is given to accent components such as canopies, pull-outs, cornices, or other finishes that personalize your dream house. All the exterior materials are pointed out in keyed notes and specific design elements are provided in larger scale on detail sheets.

5. Cross Sections show details of the house in sections or cutaways. Sections depict foundations, interior walls, exterior walls, flooring, trusses, and roofing. Typically several different sections are shown. These drawings have the important role of clarifying relationships between different building components. Together with the floor plans, exterior elevations, foundation and ceiling plans, they construct the core and frame of your dream home.

6. Detail Sheets show important building elements in a larger scale. These comprehensive construction drawings typically depict canopies, roofs, and foundation details. Important interior details may also be included. Full wall sections are typically included on the Cross Section sheet.

7. Foundation Plans show the layout of the concrete foundation, porches, and patios. Footings and pads are shown clearly and the layout is carefully dimensioned. Placements for drains and all the other installations in slab are precisely indicated. Typically the plan and details depict a monolithic reinforced cast-in-place concrete slab. All foundation cross-sections and details are drawn in larger scale and located on a detail sheet. The foundation plan also includes important general notes pertaining to the preparation and construction of the concrete footings and pads. Please coordinate the foundation plan with a builder or architect to ensure all local conditions are addressed (building codes and regulations, climate, lot size and grading, and any other applicable conditions).

8. Framing Plans show the location of the trusses, joists, rafters, and girders. Headers for windows and doors with all necessary framing details are called out in the drawing and schedules. HVAC ducting is shown at a schematic level to help integrate truss design with possible mechanical requirements. Due to local variations, it is impossible for us to include complete detailing on heating, plumbing, and electrical work. Ductwork, ventilation, and other detailing varies regionally and is dependent upon the chosen type of heating and cooling system. We recommend you review the design with an engineer to verify all local codes and design criteria are met.

9. Electrical Plans show the suggested locations for outlets, switches, fixtures, and circuits. Electrical layouts are designed for all spaces and include an electrical legend, lighting fixture schedule, and electrical general notes. Electrical panel diagrams and circuit installations are typically not shown on the electrical plan; these components must be designed by your electrician.


Architectural or Engineering Stamps:  specific state, city, or lot requirements may necessitate a licensed architect or engineer to review and provide their professional stamp on a set of drawings before a building permit will be issued or construction may begin. Please consult your local building authority to determine if you need to obtain this service from a local licensed architect or engineer.


Will my credit card information be secure?

Yes. All personal information is protected with encryption software to ensure a secure shopping experience.

How is the square footage calculated?

Total living space square footage is determined as the combined area of all heated spaces from the outside edges of the wall framing. Spaces such as garages, unfinished rooms, and storage areas are not included as part of the total living space.

Is it possible to modify a ModernPlanDesign house plans?

Yes. There are two recommended methods for modifying a house plan.

ModernPlanDesign will modify any of our house plans for a fee, however, we will quote a price estimate for free. Either click on the “Modify Plan – Free Estimate” link found above the picture of your desired house design and describe the desired changes; or email a sketch, modification description, and your contact information to sales@modernplandesign.com. We will reply with a written quote in one to two working days.

Consult a local professional. Purchase the CAD (computer aided design) file of your desired house plan, which includes a copyright release and legal permission to change the plans, and work with your local professional to customize the design to best suit your needs.

Can I have HVAC (heating ventilation and cooling) and plumbing details included in the plans?

HVAC and plumbing information is included at a schematic level only due to the wide range of local code requirements and environmental conditions. A licensed contractor, HVAC specialist, or plumber will be able to best recommend what is suitable for your site and easily customize this information on the drawings we provide.

Which building codes are used for the designs?

All home plans are drawn according to the International Residential Code (IRC) and local codes for the specific region in which the house had been originally designed. The IRC is the national standard for house construction, however, local code requirements may vary across the country. Modifications may be required by your local building permit officials to meet their local codes, zoning requirements, building regulations, and standards. The necessity of such modifications is no indicative of poor plan quality but merely regional code differences. Typical and most notable examples of such modifications are earthquake or hurricane design and flood plain or heavy snow load design. Additionally, some states, counties, and cities may require your state's professional seal from a local architect or engineer.

Are these house plans suitable for my local building requirements?

Every house was designed for its original construction location. Due to the vast variations in regions, states, and sites it is recommended you contact your local building department before beginning construction and coordinate what local codes and ordinances are required beyond the national standard, the International Residential Code. Additionally, a local builder, architect, or licensed expert may be able to help determine if the desired design is adequate for site specific requirements. If uncertain, it is recommended you consult a licensed builder or architect for your area to ensure all legal and design requirements, codes, and applications are fulfilled before construction begins. ModernPlanDesign cannot be held responsible for any advice or methods utilized.

How many sets will I need?

This will vary depending on your approach to building your dream home. One set of drawings is ideal if you wish to only study the plans. It is always possible to later upgrade your purchase quantity. One set of drawings is not enough to obtain permits and build from; drawings are protected by copyright and it is illegal to have copies made. Five to eight sets are typically enough if you wish to build the house as designed without any changes. This should provide enough copies to submit a permit application and supply drawings to the builder. The more copies the more flexibility there will be among various building contractors. If you intend to modify the plans with a local expert it is recommended buying the CAD file; this is generally the quickest and easiest way to transfer and change the drawings. The CAD file includes a written copyright release which provides legal permission to alter the plans and make copies of your customized design.

Can I order extra copies if I need them?

Yes. If you need extra copies you have 185 days from your original purchase to make an order. In case you need more copies after that, additional charges may apply. Copyright laws do not allow you to make copies without the written copyright release from the designer – ModernPlanDesign, LLC. However, our print set packages are designed to give you the best value.

How many houses may be built from each design purchase?

Only one. All drawings are licensed to allow a single construction.

What is the mirror-reverse option?

The mirror-reverse option flips your floor plan horizontally. In this option the text is also mirrored and may be more difficult to read. This option can be done for all home plans but includes an additional fee. This is a less expensive option than the right-reading-reverse option. One of the print sets will remain unchanged without mirror-reverse.

What is the right-reading-reverse option?

The right-reading-reverse option flips your plan horizontally, however, in addition to the plans being mirrored, all text is modified to read correctly. This option can be done for all home plans but there is an additional fee included. The fee in this option is a one-time fee meaning all copies you order will be delivered in right-reading-reverse. In some cases, this option may require additional time to complete. Please check the actual delivery time before proceeding to check out.

Can I see all elevations of a house plan?

Yes. All primary building elevations are displayed on the website. In some instances, for example, a house may have courtyard elevations which are not displayed on the website but will be shown on the final drawing set.

Can I see photos of a built house?

In most cases we only know where the plans were shipped, not built. If a client provides us with photos of a completed house and permission to display them we will include them on our website. For privacy reasons we never disclose the addresses of any built homes.

Can I save a house plan for future viewing?

Yes. Our plans can be bookmarked in your web browser for future reference. You can create a new folder with your web browser's bookmark feature and save all your favorite ModernPlanDesign links there.

Do the listed prices include sales tax?

Sales tax 8.25% only applies to purchases made within the state of Texas.


All home plans are drawn in compliance with the International Residential Code (IRC) for the specific region within the United States in which the house had originally been designed. Although the IRC is the industry standard, modifications may be required by your local building permit and inspection officials to comply with local codes, zoning requirements, building regulations, and standards. A necessity for such modifications is in no way indicative of poor design but a requirement of regional code differences. Typical and most notable examples of such modifications are earthquake or hurricane design requirements and flood plain or heavy snow load design requirements. Additionally some states, counties, and cities may require a local architect's and/or engineer's professional seal; these seals may be obtained from a qualified local expert for a fee.

The owner and consultants assume all responsibility to meet local code requirements. ModernPlanDesign cannot be held responsible for the advice, assistance, or methods utilized by the owner and consultants.

ModernPlanDesign recommends the following steps to help guide the construction process of your dream home and make the experience easy and enjoyable.

1. Familiarize yourself with the project.

Upon receiving your construction plans, consult your local builder, architect, engineer, or construction professional to review the project.

2. Building Permit Application.

It is recommended you review the building department's website or talk to an official to determine which application forms, drawings, and fees are required for a building permit application. Some building departments now let you apply online and will accept CAD (computer-aided design) files directly. There may be a review fee which must be paid at the time of application submission. Expect two to three weeks for officials to review your application. This process may be longer or shorter depending on each office's staff and workload. After completing the initial review the building department will either approve the application for a building permit or provide a list of modifications which must be completed before final approval.

3. Plan modifications (if applicable).

It is not unusual that a building department will require some modifications be made to plans before their approval. These changes can typically be made by your own construction consultant or a local architect or draftsman. Once changes have been made the revised plans must be resubmitted for review.

4. Building Permit and Construction.

Once the building application has been approved the building department will contact you to pay permit fees and pick up the building permit. Upon receiving the building permit construction may begin. The building permit will list basic project information, including the permit's date of issue, and must be displayed at the construction site at all times. There is usually a time limitation regarding beginning and/or completing construction.

5. Certificate of Occupancy

Once construction is complete a final building inspection will be conducted by a building inspector. This final inspection will determine that the house has been built in accordance with all permit documents and requirements. The building inspector will issue a certificate of occupancy (COO). Once a COO has been obtained the house is ready to be lived in.


Thousands of homeowners have built their dream home based on pre-drawn plans. Our architects have dedicated great amounts of time and knowledge creating these plans as logically as can be. However, many homeowners like to modify the floor plan to perfectly fit their specified needs. We here at the Modern Plan Design would like to help you determine the most suitable way to make your dream home a reality.

Minor modifications

The easiest way of making minor modifications is to draw changes or write notes on the blueprints. We call this method “redlining”. This method doesn’t necessarily work for major changes but for most minor alterations it works well. When you order your dream home from the ModernPlanDesign.com we will include an additional full set of drawings in tabloid size with every order. This set is for you to make a redline set for us. A change order form is also included for writing any corrections you would like us to make for you.

The following are a few examples of how you could use redlining to indicated minor modifications:

- Moving or removing non-loadbearing curtain walls

- Making changes for doors and windows

- Making a new kitchen cabinet lay-out

- Adding or removing a fireplace

First, we recommend you discuss your dream home project with local building authorities and check your modification ideas before making the final redlining on the drawings. We also encourage you to consult a professional contractor or architect regarding local building codes and regulations to consider for redlining. While redlining can be done on any set of drawings, we recommend you to use the tabloid size drawing set we have included for you with the drawing package.

Major modifications

If your desired house plan needs major modifications to be your dream home, you should consider making all changes in conjunction with a local designer or ask your builder to make the changes for you. In this case, you should purchase the CAD (computer-aided design) file of the house plan you have selected. Typically the cheapest and quickest approach regarding major modifications is to coordinate with your builder or a local designer; providing them with a CAD drawing set of the original design will save time and effort.

The following are a few examples of major modifications that could necessitate a CAD file for coordination with a local designer or builder:

- Adding a room or garage

- Making significant changes in elevations

- Modifying the foundation

- Making modifications in room layouts

- Adapting a floor plan to meet local codes or site-specific engineering requirements

Our architects can help you make your modifications

We at ModernPlanDesign are happy to help you with any modifications. Click on the “Modify this Plan” button on the floor plan detail page. Write down your desired changes and submit a request for a free quote.


Thank you! Your submission has been received!

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3 Bedroom
2 Bath
1 Story
1154 Sq.Ft.

Silver Crest
5 Bedroom
5 Bath
2 Story
3521 Sq.Ft.

Corona del Sol
4 Bedroom
3 Bath
1 Story
2640 Sq.Ft.

3 Bedroom
2 Bath
1 Story
1183 Sq.Ft.

Douglas Grove
2 Bedroom
2 Bath
2 Story
1440 Sq.Ft.

Willow Glen
1 Bedroom
1 Bath
1 Story
645 Sq.Ft.

4 Bedroom
3 Bath
2 Story
4325 Sq.Ft.

Pebble Creek
3 Bedroom
3 Bath
2 Story
1596 Sq.Ft.

Las Sendas
3 Bedroom
3 Bath
2 Story
1553 Sq.Ft.

Cedar Park
1 Bedroom
1 Bath
2 Story
574 Sq.Ft.

Willow Bend
4 Bedroom
3 Bath
1 Story
2162 Sq.Ft.

Mountain Park
4 Bedroom
3 Bath
1 Story
2173 Sq.Ft.

Bartlett Lake
3 Bedroom
2 Bath
2 Story
1418 Sq.Ft.

3 Bedroom
2 Bath
2 Story
1340 Sq.Ft.

Silver Creek
3 Bedroom
2 Bath
2 Story
1091 Sq.Ft.

4 Bedroom
4 Bath
1 Story
3041 Sq.Ft.

Desert Hills
4 Bedroom
2 Bath
1 Story
1535 Sq.Ft.

Desert Mountain
3 Bedroom
2 Bath
1 Story
1258 Sq.Ft.

Rancho Viejo
1 Bedroom
1 Bath
1 Story
576 Sq.Ft.

Shannon Meadows
4 Bedroom
3 Bath
2 Story
1840 Sq.Ft.

Monte Vista
5 Bedroom
5 Bath
2 Story
3060 Sq.Ft.

Desert Ridge
4 Bedroom
3 Bath
1 Story
2142 Sq.Ft.

Rancho Bernando
4 Bedroom
3 Bath
1 Story
2050 Sq.Ft.
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